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Terry's work has contributed to the rebuilding of Haiti, supported HIV victims in Nigeria, and human development projects in remote regions of Tanzania, Botswana, Bolivia and Peru. Terry’s success has landed him in remote regions of the globe to document the natural places and rich cultures that are in a constant state of change.

Terry works anywhere in the world and travels frequently on assignments with photos appearing regularly in Magazines and Periodicals and in numerous publications. He has worked with Time Magazine, The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Nature.com, BBC.com and was Photographer for The President of Bolivia Evo Morales in 2011.

In 2009 he was a winner in Photo District News (PDN) for his outstanding web design and photo essay "30 Days in Africa" and in 2010 he was Verge Magazine's Photojournalism winner (Canada).

Since the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, Terry has made major photographic contributions to the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation which operates a Hospital and several clinics in the Southern Peninsula.

Photography Quick Case Studies

St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) Annual Reports
Photography of SBHF’s new and existing facilities in Haiti were published in Annual Reports 2011-2014 providing valuable information for donors and stakeholders resulting in a well-respected International organization. The visuals supported the progress and growth of a tiny Hospital in rural Haiti, resulting in an improved quality of life for thousands in the rural communities after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Strong imagery was also used to support a new Corporate Identity through printed materials, website and Social Media, giving SBHF a consistent visual appeal.

Time Magazine - Time for Kids 2013
“A Day in the Life - Bolivia” is an educational piece for kids to discover different cultures of the world. Kids could read about the history and culture and follow someone their own age in a different country to learn how they live. Bringing the story to life in a exciting manner with photos made it visually appealing for the reader resulting in a Cover Story in the US and a re-printing in Korea.

Camp Kirk - Summer camp for kids with Learning Disabilities
Using the world's largest social network as a channel to communicate and drive change, the photos and video engaged viewers raising awareness of Learning Disabilities and the need for supporting affected families. The result has been staggering with a 200% increase in Facebook Fans, driving more traffic to Camp Kirk’s website and thus more donations for this small Non-Profit. The essential element of success in nonprofit marketing is strong imagery which was utilized for fundraising events, printed material and engaging interest on Social Platforms.

Ministry of Communications, Bolivia
Providing daily Photography for the Indigenous President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, photos covering the President’s events were published in newspapers and online to inform the public of the MAS Party’s accomplishments and progress. The result of consistent and positive imagery secured the trust of the electorate, resulting in a landslide victory for MAS.

• Successfully Published 2 Hardcover Photo Books (30 Days in Africa & Haiti: Faces of Hope)
• Art Director for a busy Advertising Agency (Canada 2001-2008)
• Photographer for President of Bolivia Evo Morales (2011)
• Photographer/Consultant for several international NGO's (Haiti, Nigeria & South America)
• Key member of Aids Crisis Response Team a Canadian NGO (Marketing, Design & Photography)
• Winner Verge Magazine Photo Annual (Photojournalism Category 2010)
• Winner in Photo District News (PDN) Best Website Design for "30 Days in Africa" 2009
• Recent Assignments: Time for Kids (USA & Korea), Collective (UK), KTM Motorcycles (South America), Webcorp Inc. (Canada), St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (Boston/Haiti), Tourism Peru & Bolivia